Become a space pilot and fight against other players online


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DarkOrbit puts you in the shoes of an employee of a giant company set in a dystopian future where you have to try to gain all the power and wealth you can, for both yourself and your employer.

With more than 83 million players, DarkOrbit has become one of the most played online games of recent years. This isn't surprising at all considering its graphics, gameplay and spatial management elements are so well done that it seems incredible that the game is actually free. After a quick tutorial where you're explained the basics of outer space survival, you're transported to a main map, where either alone or with friends you have to try help your company become the most powerful business in the entire galaxy. Attack other players, join clans, declare war, and pillage in this game that could be described as the perfect mix between the classic Asteroids and the highly-acclaimed EVE Online.

Take your clan as high as you can in this game that's jam-packed with real-time action, strategy, and intrigue.
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